Mar. 23rd, 2011

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A meme! *Gasp* )
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LAS Fics are up for this challenge. GO VOTE. Seriously. I'm keeping tabs on you people.

Voting closes on Sunday, the 27th, at 5pm EST.

WHICH MEANS RESULTS WILL PROBABLY BE POSTED ON GDL'S BIRTHDAY (if it doesn't get delayed by lack of votes so you'd better do it!)

Therefore, the winner of this specific challenge gets extra special GDL points to say they...won on GDL's birthday. Which really doesn't mean a thing. Except in my head, which is where I assign pointless, symbolic meaning to everything. (I  really think there should be a supersekrit GDL points system that we use to rate fics when people ask for feedback. And not tell anyone. Just us. And we would just write: "GDLP : 8.7" or somesuch. 1-10. 10 being the best, of course).

Also, the challenge was "terrible gift." Because it's GDL's birthday? I should send him an ugly tie. With a card. "Jack thought you should have this."

I'm totally rambling again, aren't I? Oops. This is what happens when Saria stays up for 20 hours straight on nothing but caffeine and pizza (because she secretly works for Torchwood?).
Good luck everyone who entered fic in this challenge. :-D


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