Mar. 26th, 2011

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You all made me happy-teary and just wonderful and I love you all. 

Below are some serious thank yous. But FIRST!

So my best friend Kerri took me to the bar where we met up with a bizarre conglomeration of my friends. She invited her boyfriend along who invited his friend. First, I want to say that her boyfriend is absolutely lovely and he and I get along well and I hope they stay together  so that he and I can talk about James Marsters all of the time. And because he said that he appreciates fan fiction as a literary art. 

BUT MOST IMPORTANT. Her boyfriend brought a friend. Yes he did. His name is Gareth and he is Welsh. It is not the same Gareth, of course, but drunk!Saria totally proceeded to ramble on about Torchwood and Doctor Who for the remaining hours. But Welsh Gareth left soon after arriving to go to a club. Still, it made me giggle. Because, well...duh. I mean, seriously, TW? Stop stalking my life. No, wait, don't. Please don't.


So Many People To Thank! )

Good News!

Mar. 26th, 2011 07:40 pm
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This is just me, squeeing.

I was just asked to be a dramaturg on a production of Richard III! It's volunteer, and I don't know that it'll pan out, but! Hurray!

It totally came out of the blue, too. It'll be good for my imaginary future theatre career. AH! THIS is why I love my professors; they have me do Important Things for them like edit novels and be a dramaturg. *Feels special*

(For those unfamiliar, a dramaturg is...well, basically, I will be doing research things and assisting and all sorts of stuff, in this instance. It really depends on the theatre company).

*Happy dance*

*Runs off to find a copy of Richard III* 


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