May. 26th, 2011

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Toriwood: The Musical

A long, long time ago (a year and a half?), I wrote an entire musical based on Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos’s debut album. It took place on a plane. It was weird. I can’t really even explain it and it was kind of crap.

This is not about that musical. This is about a musical set entirely to Tori songs, yes, but the focus is on Torchwood! (Hence the clever name). I have joked about doing this before. And while I haven’t actually done anything with the idea, I’m kinda serious now. In that I will flail about a few songs and you will all ignore me. Yes? Yes.

Brief special thanks to [ profile] analineblue for listening to me occasionally squee about various Tori songs, and how they relate to various Torchwood characters. She doesn’t know I’m doing this now, but this is dedicated to her and her everlasting patience when it comes to all of my ridiculousness.

Anyway, this is not a comprehensive list, mostly because I am lazy. So feel free to add! Or debate! Or flail with me! Or…just point and laugh?

The Songs )


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