Jul. 22nd, 2011

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Hi kids! 

Go vote on [livejournal.com profile] redisourcolor! :D Please? Pretty please?

Also, it's really really really weird to think, "Oh, and Torchwood is on tonight!" Because...now I feel like it's an actual, legitimate show, rather than something that exists only on Netflix and in my imagination (and the collective hallucinations of all of you). 

I'm house-sitting again, which is nice when I'm not missing the freedom of smoking in the house and blasting the AC all day long. But I get to watch BBC World News while having my morning cup of tea before I head to work, and that's an interesting experience. 
Well. Carry on, then!
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Okay, full disclosure. Just because it's bothering me.

I agree that both John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd are attractive. There are even moments when I am attracted to them. But generally, they do nothing for me. At all. My appreciation of their symmetrical features is purely abstract, the way one may remark upon a nicely structured house, or a pretty piece of shoreline, or the organized alignment of books on a shelf. "Ah," I think. "Yes, I realize that this is aesthetically pleasing." Beyond that, they don't do much for me, not really. 

I am not attracted to them, but I am attracted to their characters' relationship. The adversity, the passion, the unexpectedness of it all. The idea of love and affection and trust growing out of betrayal like Athena springing from Zeus's forehead (perhaps not an apt metaphor). The romance of a completely unromantic, bare bones relationship that refuses to be defined because it doesn't need to be. I don't want to be with them, I want to be them, in the midst of all of that, with each other. 
This probably makes absolutely no sense. But I'm getting to a point, here. 
Of course I will watch tonight's episode, and I'm excited for it, but I don't really care about the sex scene and I'm really not interested in seeing either of these people nude. I'm not against it, even if it is gratuitous, but I do hope that it serves to either further plot or flesh out backstory. Otherwise...I just don't care much.
Admitting this makes me feel like a broken human. Sorry I'm broken.
Also, it is 100 degrees, and humid. I am planning a permanent move to Antarctica.
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Spoilers! )


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