Aug. 26th, 2011

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Aug. 26th, 2011 08:33 pm
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SO. A hurricane. 

I'm in a little state that rarely sees more than tropical storms. In fact, I doubt it's going to be even half as bad as they're preparing for (Long Island and the Sound generally deadens storms like this), but I'm proud of all of the state governments for having learned a lesson from other instances. People, too. It's a ghost town here for a Friday night, narry a car driving by. I wonder if they're all out stocking up. I should've bought those clearance rain boots yesterday. Too bad I'm broke until Wednesday.

That said, I'm as prepared as I can realistically be. We're not to see any of the storm until Sunday, and so my father is going to pick up water tomorrow morning (he's at work now - I'm really glad he doesn't have to go in over the weekend). We have a backup generator charging, and I have backup power source for my phone, and flashlights galore and extra batteries and emergency blankets and numerous first aid kits (none of these were purchased for this or any storm in particular. In fact, I have no idea where they came from). 

Between work, and the town, and everyone battening down the hatches, I feel a bit inadequate sitting here with my stockpile of cigarettes and diet Pepsi. Truth be told, though, we're exceptionally close to the evacuation shelter, and I think everything should be fine. We're moving our cars to the parking lot of the nearby elementary school tomorrow (literally, the field of this school is our backyard) per temporary town ordinance. This is extra good, as we were going to move them elsewhere anyway, what with worry of the trees in our yard coming down.

It was very sunny today. Calm and quiet, as it should be before any big storm. Is it in poor taste to admit that I'm a little excited? Probably. But I am.

I hope everyone and their loved ones stay safe and well. ♥


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