Sep. 27th, 2011

sariagray: (Gwen Sad)
So I decided that I should be healthy! I made All The Doctor's Appointments for the first time in four years (YAY, Health Insurance!) and then I went to the grocery store to buy healthy foods to eat. You know, so I don't order takeout all the time. Especially at work.

I buy all of these great things to bring to work - hummus, and salad stuff, and light wheat bread, and turkey, and yogurt, etc. Then I get home and realize that I spent too much time shopping AND I bought absolutely nothing to eat for dinner, so I ordered a pizza. A bacon pizza.

It was delicious.

LOL @ Mood Icon. JACK'S FACE. "Jack knows you ate that pizza! Jack is disappointed in you!" It makes me feel even worse.

ETA: The mood icon to my previous entry is Gwen delivering pizza to Ianto. It's a whole epic tale of tragedy!


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