Oct. 21st, 2011 07:48 pm
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So, I knew things were bad. Or, "not good," at any rate. Since the economy tanked, and my mother lost her job due to blindness and my father gave up his business because people would rather buy food than antiques, we've struggled. I haven't been great about helping, either, obviously. I feel guilty for everything I've bought/spent money on. I feel like such an ass. :-/

In any case, what I'm getting at is that I just found out that we got a foreclosure notice. So. Uh. That's a thing that I need to take care of. Hopefully, we can renegotiate the mortgage, and I can give my family money every month, and we can make it through this. But otherwise, we need to pay $78,000. Which is...uh, $77,999 more than I have right now. *Waves dollar bill like a white flag*

This wasn't entirely unexpected, of course, but...it's still a bit of a shock. I hope we can fix this.

(And I also promise not to bore you all with misery!posts...this is the first and last. I just needed to...vent, I guess.)
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Well then. I am awake at...4am.

Which is really 1am, but not. Huh.

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I just wanted to thank those of you who've donated so far to help the children of East Africa who are suffering from the drought. Your help is greatly appreciated by so many people.

If you're interested in donations and fic, head over here to my previous post to read more! Mini Fic-A-Thon for Africa.

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You know it's been a long day when you consider plots centered around the illicit affair between Jack Harkness and the founder of the NGO for whom you work during your New Employee Orientation seminar.

Eglantyne Jebb.

Shut up.

I think it may be time for bed.

In other news, here is a conversation I had with my mother the other day:

Mom: So, I have a question for you.
Me: Okay.
Mom: You know how a writer is supposed to write what they know?
Me: Yes...
Mom: You aren't a gay man!

Thanks, Mom, for noticing. I'm really glad we cleared that up; it had been bothering me for a while now. (I am also not immortal, nor do I hunt aliens, nor do I have a pet dinosaur. I'm not having an affair with my boss, I don't wear suits, and I really did NOT have a partially converted cyberwoman stored in my employer's basement, no matter what anyone tells you. These facts did not seem to concern her as much.)
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Title: The Argonaut's Tale
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sariagray  
Characters/Pairings: Jack, obvious mentions of Jack/Ianto, Plot Device
Word Count:
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Takes place after the radio play The House of the Dead. Also, hints of spoilers for Miracle Day, but those can be ignored.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood. I do not make money off of Torchwood. In fact, it seems as though Torchwood owns and makes money off of ME. This is for entertainment purposes only.
Beta: The ever-amazing [livejournal.com profile] analineblue who deals with my insanity and odd ways of phrasing things.
Summary: Coda to The House of the Dead, takes place immediately after the last line of the play.
Author's Note: Well. Yesterday. That was...something. References are made to the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. ALSO - not a legit warning, but since we're already rending our clothing and rubbing ashes over ourselves, bring tissues. I love you guys.

“You often misplace things,” said a clear voice, young and intangible. “Are you happy now?” )
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I cannot sleep for the life of me. This MAY have something to do with being attacked by a hungry cat at 4am. She growls and is scary. But I love her. Or, I'm being paid to love her. That's enough for me.

Anyway. You're all going to laugh at me, but I can't stop thinking about this. I feel like fandom has completely altered. And, you know, no matter what I think about the damn radio play, the awesome thing is that I finally got to experience something big in fandom while it happened. You know? Okay, the awesome thing is also the play itself. But still.

In any case, it prompted me to write last night. Not even relative to the plot, just...a thing. Which is pretty incredible, as I had just about given up. Yay, words!

Also, totally random, but! Back in November, I was driving back from Chicago with [livejournal.com profile] thebuttonontop after Chicago Tardis, and I was like, "OH! I know it's some ridiculous hour of the morning, but you've got to hear this song! It reminds me of Jack and Ianto!" And it did, but not really canonically? But now, now it does. Now it fits perfectly. It won't let me embed, but...LISTEN TO IT OVER HERE ON YOUTUBE: Haunted - Poe. I seriously wish that this had been an episode so I could make a ridiculous video. 

But, you guys? That really happened, didn't it? Oh God.
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Hey everyone! I just wrote this amazing fic!

Just kidding. I did, however, transcribe all of The House of the Dead. Because I am nuts. There may be errors and there are none of the sound effects and whatnot. Let me know if anything needs to be corrected.

I tried to write fic, I tried to come up with a review or reaction, but nothing was happening. So I just started writing things verbatim.

Feel free to use this for...whatever you like. It is NOT MINE. It belongs to James Goss, and the BBC, and RTD, and the voice actors, and a billion people in suits. I just did the grunt work. Have fun!

NOTE: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ariaidjit  for the correction! :)

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