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Me: *In elevator*
Coworker: *Gets in elevator*
Me: Good morning!
Coworker: Oh, look, I wanna show you! *Pulls out phone and shoves it in my face. There is a giant picture of Ten on it* He's my favorite Doctor!
Other Coworker In Elevator: Oh! My son watches that show religiously! I used to watch it, decades ago!
Coworker: Did they used to have a character like Jack back then?
Me: *In my head* I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

Because sometimes, I feel like a Cyberman. "You are compatible. You will be upgraded. Watch Doctor Who." *Stomps away* ("Because sometimes, I feel like a Cyberman" sounds like a line in a really awesome horrible rap.)

Also, I feel like I'm turning my office into a Doctor Who convention. This is what happens, I guess. Will all the actors and writers and everyone come hang out in my office if I give them fancy badges to wear? (I totally just typed "badgers," too. Yes. Give them badgers. This will entice them!)

I am clearly insane and over-caffeinated. Don't mind me! :D
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Or Not Paying Attention While Driving Because I Was Too Busy Daydreaming.

They could release a single! )

They Have PLENTY of Honor and Humanity )
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I am so confused about the finale of Doctor Who. SO CONFUSED. I don't even know what's going on anymore. I miss things like, you know, the other season finales. Not that I didn't enjoy this, because I did, but...yeah.

Spoilers! )

In other news, OMG, you guys, in less than two weeks I will be FLYING. For the first time! Well, not quite. I've flown in single-engine Cessna planes, and even a WWI bright red open-cockpit biplane, but not a jet. (Because I like to be different, okay?!) Not across the country, either. For a weekend (because I take many an impossible weekend trip). I AM SO EXCITED. Because I get to finally meet [ profile] analineblue! And she will no longer be a person who exists solely on LJ and Facebook and my email. *Flails*

So that's an exciting thing! I've never been further west than, er...Chicago. Apparently, I have an "Annual Autumn Fandom Sojourn" thing happening, or something. The only downfall is that James Marsters will be approximately an hour from my house, and I will be across the country. Darn.

I'm also reading! Like, a real book? Which I haven't done in ages. I've picked up a copy of The Mermaid Chair. It's interesting so far! I like it. It has given me an undeniable craving to head to Mystic, though, so I might have to do that at some point! Like...tomorrow. If I can find someone to drag along, I may do this. I missed going there this summer.

And that!
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We interrupt your regularly-scheduled Suzie-centric [ profile] womenlovefest post to bring you this Martha-centric [ profile] womenlovefest post! 

(Martha is confused, shocked, and also honored.)

So, what happened is that I went to make a Suzie Video Of Something last night. And then I somehow ended up with Martha (I blame So. Today, you get Martha. Sorry? No, I'm really not.

Title: Martha
Images: Bits and pieces from Doctor Who Season 3
Sounds:  "Martha" by Rufus Wainwright
Rating: PG (or whatever Doctor Who is usually rated?)
Length: 3:11
Warnings/Spoilers: No warnings. Spoilers up through the end of DW S3
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not even a little bit.

Note: Yay, Martha! Yay, Martha's Family. Or something. IDEK.


(Apologies, again, for lack-of-cut. I'm really getting annoyed with LJ, you guys.)
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Saluting is an interesting action. 

Let me explain.
A month or so ago, I finally got around to watching the "Ten" specials ("The Next Doctor," "Planet of the Dead," "The Waters of Mars," and "The End of Time") and my father stumbled into the living room in the midst of "Planet of the Dead."

Possible Spoilers for Season 6 of Doctor Who )


May. 21st, 2011 09:13 pm
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 I just watched End of Time. It seemed appropriate for the pending rapture, which has (apparently?) passed me by. Or, passed me over really. But here are some things that made me raise my eyebrows.

Spoilers, maybe? )
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Holy crap. 

Going to Chicago. I hope I hope I hope.

I promise to be on my best behavior, I swear. I will be poised and graceful and regal, as always. I will maintain my dignity at all times. I will be clever and witty when needed. I will smile politely. I will keep my pinky up and use the appropriate utensils. I will be the epitome of good breeding.

Yeah, right. (Actually, I will probably be catatonic because the drive is SO LONG).

Anyone else going to be there!?
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I had a very productive night last night, it seems. Had a lovely visit (and I'm not putting your name here in case you don't want me to!). I ended up making a video, six icons, and writing a teeny fic. The video and pictures are behind the cuts. The fic will be posted once I look it over. :) 

Let me know what you think!

Video )

Icons )


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