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I've refrained, for the most part, from posting my Miracle Day speculations (mostly because I  have NO IDEA what's going on half the time). But I've been sitting on this scene (that won't happen surely!) for months now, since they first started filming, really. And I remember when I first got into fandom, looking back and seeing all of the wild COE-speculation that never came true. And it was interesting and exciting and in case everyone dies tonight, I wanted to post this so that in the future, some unsuspecting new Torchwood fan might stumble upon this and think, "I wish I was in fandom then. Oh, if only this poor soul knew what was in store when she posted it."

I've taken it directly from a comment I just left [ profile] eldarwannabe and edited it a little, because it's relatively fully formed and really, I'm too lazy for words. So. Enjoy my ridiculous ideas.

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There isn’t much to connect these points, other than that they were things I thought of before falling asleep last night (oh, the bedtime stories we tell ourselves!). They are all Jack, and they all relate, somewhat, to time.

There are spoilers up through 4.07 in here, too.

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I still don't know where I am on the spectrum of Torchwood-love right now.

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Aug. 11th, 2011 05:07 pm
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Title: Elegiac
Author: [ profile] sariagray  
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto (past), Gwen/Rhys, Esther, Rex, Mentions of original team.
Word Count:
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: MAJOR SPOILERS for S4:05, The Categories of Life. Also, all previous seasons, as well.
Warnings: Mentions of canon character deaths. Mentions of upsetting imagery as seen on the show. Language. Perhaps tissues should be had?
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, its characters, or its environs, nor do I receive any monetary gain.
Beta: [ profile] analineblue   ♥
Summary: See prompt in author’s notes.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] siobhan_jane for her donation to help children in East Africa. She gave me a list of prompts from which to choose and I went with MD Related: A scene where Jack tells one of the MD newbies about Ianto. Preferably Rex....maybe starting out as an angry conversation? It got away from me a bit. Because that’s how I roll. I hope it works for you, hun, and thanks for your donation!

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Aug. 7th, 2011 07:29 pm
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Title: Patchwork
Author: [ profile] sariagray  
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Esther, Mentions of original team.
Word Count:
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Spans ALL seasons, and also references events from the radio play, The House of the Dead.
Warnings: Mentions of canon character deaths. Perhaps tissues should be had?
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, its characters, or its environs, nor do I receive any monetary gain.
Beta: No one. All mistakes are mine.
Summary: Their lives are simply little moments, stitched together by a single thread.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] analineblue for her donation to help children in East Africa. She requested: Gwen + Ianto + Rhys friendship fic and then went on to say that she’d “take anything, really.” I hope this…delivers? ;)

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I just wanted to thank those of you who've donated so far to help the children of East Africa who are suffering from the drought. Your help is greatly appreciated by so many people.

If you're interested in donations and fic, head over here to my previous post to read more! Mini Fic-A-Thon for Africa.

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LAS. What is going on with it? I have a story. I have edited this story to within an inch of its life. I have submitted the story. I have not heard back. 

I know that the mod has been having rough times and was going to delay the due date, but I haven't heard anything since that (no new due dates, no other updates, etc.) Has anyone heard anything about this? I just...I don't wanna get kicked out because I'm dumb?

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That sounds like a really bizarre children's book.


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Okay, full disclosure. Just because it's bothering me.

I agree that both John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd are attractive. There are even moments when I am attracted to them. But generally, they do nothing for me. At all. My appreciation of their symmetrical features is purely abstract, the way one may remark upon a nicely structured house, or a pretty piece of shoreline, or the organized alignment of books on a shelf. "Ah," I think. "Yes, I realize that this is aesthetically pleasing." Beyond that, they don't do much for me, not really. 

I am not attracted to them, but I am attracted to their characters' relationship. The adversity, the passion, the unexpectedness of it all. The idea of love and affection and trust growing out of betrayal like Athena springing from Zeus's forehead (perhaps not an apt metaphor). The romance of a completely unromantic, bare bones relationship that refuses to be defined because it doesn't need to be. I don't want to be with them, I want to be them, in the midst of all of that, with each other. 
This probably makes absolutely no sense. But I'm getting to a point, here. 
Of course I will watch tonight's episode, and I'm excited for it, but I don't really care about the sex scene and I'm really not interested in seeing either of these people nude. I'm not against it, even if it is gratuitous, but I do hope that it serves to either further plot or flesh out backstory. Otherwise...I just don't care much.
Admitting this makes me feel like a broken human. Sorry I'm broken.
Also, it is 100 degrees, and humid. I am planning a permanent move to Antarctica.
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Have some random MD Screen Caps I did. Some of them are totally bizarre. And/or gory. But mostly bizarre. Spoilers and grossgusting things ahead! (Also, not really sure why I was feeling French, or the need to title, but I did. So...yeah.)

A Summary In Pictures )
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More MD Things and A Radio Play )

I Wonder...

Jul. 9th, 2011 05:21 pm
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Hey all!

I wanted to know your thoughts on Miracle Day. Well, on what's behind it, actually. Cracky and zany are acceptable, even if they don't fit with "canon" (what has happened in the past, or hints of what's to come). They can even be logical, too (*gasp!*), although I bet you $773,976,761.97 that your logical hypotheses will be jossed. ;)

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I know it doesn't make sense with what we've been told, but wouldn't it be awesome if Rhys was behind the whole "Nobody Dies" bit?

(Side note: Dear, stop with the Astroglide commercials, please. The girl's voice is too chipper). 
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Day 7 - Four Books )

MD Reaction For Real, Complete With Vague Spoilers )

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Not Answering Work Email )
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Shortest Non-Spoilery Reaction Ever )

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