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Have some random MD Screen Caps I did. Some of them are totally bizarre. And/or gory. But mostly bizarre. Spoilers and grossgusting things ahead! (Also, not really sure why I was feeling French, or the need to title, but I did. So...yeah.)

A Summary In Pictures )
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CLEARLY I need better things to do on a Friday night than listen to my neighbor scream about how her husband is cheating on her. 

So instead, I made pretty pictures. From other people's pretty pictures. Have a gander at me wasting my time. (Note: This is me, trying to figure out my free photo-editing program, see what I can do with it, that sort of thing. They are crap. You have been warned).

Amusement Parks are CREEPY! )

Torchwood-Related Experiments )

Hi There

Apr. 23rd, 2011 02:25 am
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So I was...trying to explain John Barrowman to my coworker. Well, no, I was just trying to show her a picture. But there was a specific picture I wanted to show her, because her current...boy-thing looked like a younger version in a specific picture she had just shown me. Wow, that was convoluted.

Anyway, I was looking at images via Google. And I came across this one: 
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Crap Behind The Cut )


Nov. 26th, 2010 09:36 am
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I was experimenting last night.

Over here! )

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Let's talk about this promotional shot, shall we? I found it while I was looking for pictures with which to make icons. I've seen it before but never paid much attention. It struck me as silly at first, but now that I'm analyzing it...well.

First of all, no one is looking in the exact same location. I guess this is good, since the threat can come from anywhere. But it all seems as if they see something.

Gwen and Ianto are both sort of looking in Jack's direction. They also look like they're about to begin a race. Ianto is winning. 

Everyone is leaning forward except Owen. Huh. 

Now, to start us off, my captions.

Gwen: Hey Ianto! First one to Jack wins!
Ianto: What do we win?
Gwen: Well, Jack. Duh.
Jack: Okay, on your marks, get set, go! *Shoots pistol*
Tosh: Jack! Couldn't you have dropped a handkerchief instead?! It echoes in here!
Gwen: Ianto cheated!
Owen: Did I leave the incinerator on?

And that is the end of my insanity. Feel free to contribute. *Snort* And if anyone wants to write a fic about this picture, PLEASE DO! I will love you forever, because it makes me laugh oh so very much.
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Firefly versus Torchwood.

Let's ponder this a moment, shall we? Space Travel. Band of intelligent outcasts fighting for the greater good, Companions....

Actually, you know what? Let's look at pictures. That's always more fun.

The Captain Who Once Fought In A War And Now Travels With A Gang of Misfits, But Still Wears The Coat

The Man Who Demanded And/Or Conned His Way In So He Could Smuggle A Slightly Damaged Woman And Save Her


Oh, yes. Because Torchwood has THIS:

In Mal/Simon's defense, Firefly might have gotten there, too, if allowed to continue past the first season. Right? Of course right.

The End. :)


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