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So today was interesting.

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Pumpkin beer
it's good! the yard of leaves
the fall smiling at us

-The Haiku Year

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Yeah. That's right. I signed up for [ profile] tw_femficfest. And you should, too! Because we love women, amiright?!

So excited!

(When did I start signing up for Everything Ever? Seriously.)
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Oh, hello HTML-only LJ posting option. How are you doing today?

In The News:

1) Just finished my initial read-through/edits of the BIG BANG OF DOOM. [ profile] analineblue just has one more chapter to go, and then we'll do one more read-through maybe and pass it off to our lovely beta. This is happening, isn't it? The read-through went so well, too. I'm really pleased with this story. And it's length. I'm especially pleased with it's length. *Snort*

2) Today, I had an employee ask me if I would write her a recommendation for college (a Master's program, I believe). I have no words for how exciting this is, or how suddenly old I feel. In my head, I'm still far too young to be writing letters of recommendation for prospective students. And I'm two degrees behind her! MY LIFE. IT IS WEIRD.

3) I've been talking to my former professor/directer who was also the lead in Richard III and the owner of the theater company for whom I did all of that lovely dramaturgical work. He is totally behind me taking his Theater Practicum course in the spring again (despite taking it twice already, just for fun, with none of the pre-requisites. And twice is the only number of times you can take it, technically. Muahahaha). Which is, essentially, putting on a play. Basically, I'm...paying to be in a play? But it's a super informative process, he has great methods, and I've learned a lot both times I've taken the class. I AM SO EXCITED!

And that's it, for now. :D Happy things, hurray!

Oh God.

Aug. 28th, 2011 05:09 pm
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I can't write porn.

No, really. I fail at it. I avoid it at all costs. I also can't write AUs, or plots. Obviously. I write short, moody one-shots that tend to focus on a single moment of time and the emotions therein and MAY involve kissing, maybe.

So how did I end up with 4k words of porny, plotty AU fic? 4k words of INCOMPLETE porny, plotty AU fic, at that. WTH? I blame the hurricane.

On that front, we were one of the only people I have spoken to in the state who had internet, power, and no downed trees/flooding the whole storm. I guess sacrificing those virgins helped.

Or maybe TPTB just wanted me to write porn instead?

IDK, you guys. Can I have like, ten volunteers to beta this thing and make it make sense and not be stupid?

ETA: It's [ profile] xrai_namere's fault. No, really.
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Yeah. I'm doing this. With the lovely [ profile] analineblue. We signed up for a Baby Bang, though, (that sounds...inappropriate?), because 20000 words of emotive conversation may just kill you all. And...I can't sustain. That also sounds inappropriate. But I'm one of those "write as few words as possible" people, usually.

That said, we started a sort of free-write and are already at about 1/4 of our word quota in less than 24 hours, but...I always sprint right out of the gate. It's stamina I lack. WE CAN DO THIS.
(Third Eye Blind tomorrow, if it doesn't rain. YAY!)
(Yes, Stephan Jenkins, I will send you all my vampires. I don't know what it means, but I will).
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