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Or Not Paying Attention While Driving Because I Was Too Busy Daydreaming.

So, I don't know who among you good people listen to Chameleon Circuit. I like them; some of their stuff makes me want to bang my head against the steering wheel, but a lot of it is good. I'm rather fond of "Sound of Drums" right now. And also their rendition of Eleven's Theme.

And I was imagining a dark stage arena. Sold out, seats packed. And then one spotlight turns on to the downstage left, where there's a piano, and Amy is playing - like Tori Amos of course, because how else would she be playing the piano? And then another spotlight upstage center: Rory playing the drums. Another spotlight downstage right, and River is at a turntable. And then the guitar riff, with synced pyrotechnics. And it builds, and the Doctor comes up from the downstage center trapdoor, totally rocking out. There's smoke and fire and awesome things, and the audience is crazy. GUYS. I wish you could see into my head. It's pretty incredible.

Kill Jack: Vols 1 & 2.

Yes. Yes, I said it. I know it's probably already been written, but it's perfect.

Gwen is The Bride. Obviously.

Jack is Bill. Suzie is Vernita. Tosh is O-Ren. Ianto is Budd (but, you know, he and Jack aren't brothers. *cough* "The only man I ever loved." Ahem. Anyway). Owen is Elle. And then Tommy, Adam, and Mary would be all of Tosh's Associates. Anwen is B.B. and John Hart is Esteban. Oh, Pai Mei is the Doctor! And River is Hanzo. Hee!

Because, you see, the only way to kill Jack is with a sonic screw driver. So the Doctor teaches Gwen how to use one, and River builds her a special sonic gun (perhaps a squareness gun?).

So, yeah, Gwen is knocked up and is about to marry Rhys. Torchwood Interference! Blam blam blam. (Aww, poor Rhys. Oh well, he has to go. It's in the script.) And then she goes on her spree of vengeance. And everyone dies. And she's reunited with Anwen. Woohoo!

No. I'm not going to write this. I am far too lazy. But it amused me to no end this morning. I think this is caffeine-and-sugar-and-fat withdrawal. I am delusional. Someone else want to tackle this? :D

In other news, Analine and I will be searching for the lost city of Atlantis. *Giggle*
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