Mar. 27th, 2011

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Me: Today is Gareth’s birthday! *Pause* Well, tomorrow, but it's today in Wales.
Mom: So soon after yours?
Me: *Blinks* Yes…how dare he?
Mom: *Chuckles* Are you doing anything to celebrate?
Me: I was thinking of taking him down to the pub….*Rolls eyes*
Mom: No, I mean like you celebrate Oscar’s or Elizabeth’s birthdays.
Me: I don’t think he’s quite reached that status yet….*ticks off on fingers* Literary genius ahead of his time, former Queen of England ahead of her time, Welsh guy who was on Torchwood. Nope, doesn’t fit.
Mom: You have to do something!
Me: Well, I was going to drink coffee and listen to Tool before going to work.
Mom: You do that every morning.
Me: Right. I know. *Sigh* I’ll have a piece of birthday cake?
Mom: It’s your cake! Leftovers! It doesn’t count! You have to do something unique! Something special.
Me: *Fake sob* I always knew he was your favorite child! You love him more than me!
Mom: Well, obviously. *Huffs* Was there ever any doubt?

Please note that the entire conversation above took place in completely ridiculous British accents whilst we were fancily smoking cigarettes. It sounded like a bizarre period drama that got crossed with Keeping Up Appearances or something?
HEY! Maybe RTD could use us in his kitchen table dramas! *Bats eyelashes prettily*

(Also note that I’m apparently on first-name basis with all of these people…which is a feat, as 2/3 of them died long before I was born…).
So...Happy Birthday, GDL, my mother's secret favorite child? (I don't even know).


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