Apr. 2nd, 2011

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Okay, wait, you guys!

So, I haven't played Farmville but once or twice, right? My coworkers, however, play quite religiously. So, I hear about it all of the time, yeah? 
Well, right after Japan, they did this promotion where you could somehow donate to the non-profit for which I work. This was exciting and special and good and made me feel...I don't know. You get the idea.

THEN my coworker comes up to me yesterday and is like, "You can have an English farm now, you know. You should play again. Oh yeah, and they had a thing where you could get a blue police box that looks like the Tardis!"

I didn't believe her - she makes fun of my for my obsession all of the time. Until I looked it up this morning. And it's TRUE. She also told me about a Space Farm? What the...?
Farmville knows where I work and what I like, therefore, Farmville=Big Brother. 
(Also, do Timelords tend gardens?)


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