Jun. 12th, 2011

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LAS entries have been up for a bit now, but I forgot to pimp. 

That said, voting isn't due until June 17th! So you have almost a full week.

When I saw the number of entries, I cringed. Nine. Nine entries. Weren't there just thirty entries? WHAT HAPPENED!? *Terrified* And they're all really, really good. *Chews nails*

SO. Yes. Entries are here and the voting post is here.

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Jack has a team. There are four people in this team. Ianto has suits, Gwen has red Converse trainers, Owen has his title, and Tosh has the ability to build a sonic screwdriver

Yes, yes, Jack also kept a baby Tardis and a hand-in-a-jar and lives directly under the place where the Tardis landed.

BUT HIS TEAM IS THE DOCTOR AND HE CONTROLS THEM. Like, in Power Rangers? Where each of the pieces/people come together to form...whatever the hell it was called? AND THEY WERE CONTROLLED BY A HEAD IN A JAR!
Torchwood = Power Rangers and Jack = Having Issues.

Anyone up for some psychoanalysis? 

Just sayin'. ;)


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