Jun. 17th, 2011

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I am sitting here, refreshing like a madwoman until LAS comes out. 

Not really true. I am actually about to head to bed - rehearsal tomorrow, and I will go in bearing pictures that I spent a whole hour compiling. Heraldic symbols, mottos, signatures, renderings of battles, portraiture, maps, and a crazy diagram matching battles with a family tree that makes my head spin something fierce.

I also just spent 10 minutes studying the heraldic symbol used by William, Lord Hastings. It looked like a stomach, but no, it's a maunch. I then discovered that a maunch is a sleeve. It still looks like a stomach to me. (Thank you, Heraldic Dictionary).

This is the thing about research - I have never followed any scientific method. Is there one? Probably. But. The Saria Method of Research involves following my strange threads of thought and then somehow coming away with a connected, coherent thing. It is probably less efficient than it could be, but it is highly effective. 

It involves procrastination (a panicked mind is a sharp mind). It also involves a lot of charm, smiling, and confidence in order to smooth over all of the things that are lacking.

To prepare for this position, I took out a TON of books from the local library. They have been sitting on my shelf since April. The internet allows me to find what I want more quickly. For example, one cast member asked about the relationship between the Stanley Cup and Lord Stanley in the play. Well, i just cross-referenced the history of the Cup with the lineage/line of succession after Lord Stanley in the late 1400s. Much easier in Google Chrome than with books everywhere. But then I started to wonder why the information about the Stanley Cup mentioned that it was donated by "the son of the Earl of Derby." Well, Henry VII rewarded Lord Stanley with that title after Stanley switched sides in the Battle of Bosworth to support him (and thus betrayed Richard III). 

I cannot tell you how much I love researching. SO MUCH. And cross-referencing is my best friend ever.

Well then. 

I also spent part of my evening washing local garden lettuce. It took a good bit of time. I like my food clean.

And. That is all. 


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