Aug. 15th, 2011


Aug. 15th, 2011 09:34 am
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I called out sick today. I never call out sick. But I have a headache the size of a big thing, and I haven't slept, and home seemed a much lovelier option than work. So here I am. Sitting in front of the computer and not sleeping, thereby not making myself feel any better at all. But at least I'm not at work?

I'm watching Camelot now. I'm enjoying it so far. I reinstated my Netflix account; Warehouse 13 is on its way to me as we speak. I'm also excited for "Aimée and Jaguar," which I found looking for things for my Instant Queue.

Based on the memoirs of Lilly Wust, this is the story of two women who fall in love in 1943 Berlin: Lilly (Juliane Köhler), the wife of a Nazi officer, and Felice (Maria Schrader), a Jewish journalist. When the two women begin their affair, they rechristen themselves Aimée and Jaguar to help avoid detection. They then set up housekeeping and try to tune out the war, but the Gestapo is never far behind.

From the comments I've read, it looks promising. We shall see.

I've also stumbled upon "Persepolis," "The Adventures of Prince Achmed," and "Sita Sings the Blues." I'm more excited (and therefore apprehensive) about the latter, as The Ramayana is one of my favorite pieces of literature ever. But the comments seem positive, so yay!

Also, I really want to write a screenplay. Now I just need An Idea. How unfortunate. Maybe I'll make a documentary about fan fiction. Then again, maybe not.


Aug. 15th, 2011 05:23 pm
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Title: Forward
Author: [ profile] sariagray  
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Word Count:
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Up through Exit Wounds.
Warnings: Smoking, canon character deaths.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, its characters, or its environs, nor do I receive any monetary gain.
Beta: [ profile] analineblue
Summary: Jack and Ianto discuss life after Owen and Tosh.
Author's Note: Originally written for [ profile] jack_ianto_las , but as it seems to have gone away forever, and I've been sitting on this story for months now, I figured I should just post and be done with it. The prompt was "Where do we go from here?"

Story )
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So. A million, billion years ago ( year) I wrote and self-published a collection of nine short stories. I am pretty sure all of them are crap. I decided to post a random one tonight because I am clearly in need of sleep and want to do something that I'll regret in the morning.

But the story is a true one, as far as I know. My mother told it to me when I was a little girl (the nurse in the story is based on her). Things have obviously been changed, and while I'm not proud of the craft, I am proud of the story itself. Not that I have any right to be.

Warning: This story deals with WWII-era themes, concentration camps, segregation, loneliness, etc. Do not read if you're triggered by such things.

Cut for length and warning. )

And that is the end of that. Since the books are obviously not going to sell, I may just shrug it off and post all of the stories here, every so often. It's interesting to see how much I've changed as a writer, and how much I haven't. I definitely think I've gotten stronger since I wrote this piece, though. But I've never been a good self-critic.


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