Aug. 24th, 2011

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There isn’t much to connect these points, other than that they were things I thought of before falling asleep last night (oh, the bedtime stories we tell ourselves!). They are all Jack, and they all relate, somewhat, to time.

There are spoilers up through 4.07 in here, too.

Musings here. Beware. )
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I decided to download a program, buy a John Barrowman song, reinstate my Blue Gillespie music, and...teach myself how to do a ridiculous mash-up.

Because they're both ridiculous. You see, [ profile] analineblue and I were having this discussion. About bad music, and John Barrowman's ridiculous choice of songs and GDL's ridiculous lyrics and something about Jack singing in the Hub and the team wanting to kill him just to shut him up. 

And then I was like, "Hey! I'm going to do this ridiculous mash-up of stuff that makes them sound ridiculous! Bad!song mix! Yay!"

But...well, it sounds cool. Kinda. It's...super-unprofessional (I learned the program and did this in an hour). And rough and ragged. But whatever.

So. This is a mash-up between "Black Waltz" (about a dead lover!) and "A Boy From Nowhere" (about a boy from...nowhere!) so it's like...Ianto and Jack? IDEK. It's probably crap.

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? (I am sure there are many of the latter). 

Black Waltz (From Nowhere)


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