Sep. 9th, 2011

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Written for and linked to Suzie's entry at [ profile] womenlovefest

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I've refrained, for the most part, from posting my Miracle Day speculations (mostly because I  have NO IDEA what's going on half the time). But I've been sitting on this scene (that won't happen surely!) for months now, since they first started filming, really. And I remember when I first got into fandom, looking back and seeing all of the wild COE-speculation that never came true. And it was interesting and exciting and in case everyone dies tonight, I wanted to post this so that in the future, some unsuspecting new Torchwood fan might stumble upon this and think, "I wish I was in fandom then. Oh, if only this poor soul knew what was in store when she posted it."

I've taken it directly from a comment I just left [ profile] eldarwannabe and edited it a little, because it's relatively fully formed and really, I'm too lazy for words. So. Enjoy my ridiculous ideas.

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