Sep. 14th, 2011

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Written for and linked to Suzie's entry at [info]womenlovefest

Pics Under Cut! )

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Written for and posted to Suzie's entry at [ profile] womenlovefest.

Alright, I've got another picspam! Over at my Dreamwidth again, because LJ apparently cannot handle mass pictures anymore. There are 55 in this lot of pictures from 1.08 (They Keep Killing Suzie) and they can be found:

Here at my Dreamwidth account!

Also, because I didn't post yesterday (well, I did, but randomly for Martha, so I don't know that it counts), there is a collage, too! It goes with the previous collage. They're like bookends or something, for your many Emily Dickinson collections.

This is the first one that was posted a couple of days ago for 1.01:

And here's the second, for 1.08:

(I tried cutting this about 7 times now, and it keeps moving stuff around, or deleting it. Even with the damn HTML. Am I the only one having this problem?)

And that's all for now. Tomorrow is the last day. :(
(Please note: All of my pictures are free for the taking, just please credit. )
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Yeah. That's right. I signed up for [ profile] tw_femficfest. And you should, too! Because we love women, amiright?!

So excited!

(When did I start signing up for Everything Ever? Seriously.)


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