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Okay. So. You all probably have known about [ profile] torch_sticks  (done by [ profile] sunnyrea ) long before I entered fandom (i.e. long before I even heard of Torchwood). So, anyway, [ profile] thebuttonontop  and I have been perusing the community and giggling ever since [ profile] xrai_namere  (god, I'm totally name-dropping all over the place!) posted her Captain Jack Commits Fanart.

To make a long story short, [ profile] thebuttonontop  is clearly really bored at work, so inspired by the torch_sticks and to keep herself entertained, she is drawing stick figures of me and her doing things. And she drew the PERFECT summation of our trip to Chicago TARDIS. So I thought I'd share.

I'm the one with the glasses.... )
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 Blame [ profile] thebuttonontop  again for encouraging this shenanigans.

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 Yep. I made art. Not GOOD art. It is ridiculous. I blame [ profile] thebuttonontop  for encouraging me. IT'S ALL HER FAULT.

Er...YEP. )

Ooh. Art.

Oct. 16th, 2010 05:43 pm
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I think I must be bored or something. I have things I should be doing, like...writing. But I wanted to play with pictures. So I did. 

The text for this one is from Tori Amos's "Baker, Baker." It reads: "Time; thought I'd make friends with time. Thought we'd be flying. Maybe not this time." Don't know why it got so melancholy. But I'm still proud of it.


And then, there's this:


And on that note, I'm going to go be productive.


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