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Not that I intend for this to turn into some diet blog, but...well, I'm going to ramble a bit about food. Feel free to completely bypass this entry if the topic of food does not sound very exciting.

First and foremost, my mother (who is a diabetic with high cholesterol and also a former nurse) looked over my test results. She told me that I am in NO WAY in any danger zone. My regular cholesterol is actually pretty normal - HDL is low and triglycerides are high, but LDL seems fine, and my "cholesterol average" is good. High triglycerides is a hereditary thing, so I may need medication. We'll see after about three months of this diet.

Also, in terms of diabetes, I'm on the low end of the "You have diabetes, we're pretty sure, unless you have something else" spectrum. Greater than or equal to 6.5 is the diabetic cutoff, and I'm 6.9 - my mother says that that is excellent, as she was at 13 when she was diagnosed, and is at 8 or 9 now, with insulin and the diet. She's A LOT less worried than I am now, and she was leaps and bounds more worried than I was before reading the results. So that's a good thing. Also, my glucose levels (according to my mother) were hardly anything to worry about, based on the standards they use/used at the hospital where she used to work. So. Hurray! And everything else was fine.

That doesn't mean that I'm not sticking to this diet. Really, it's been fine so far, except that the foods I need to buy are way more expensive. I can eat all of the raw vegetables I want, so I've been loading up on salads and snacky things, like baby carrots. I have to watch my fruit intake, too, but I can still have some. I've bought a lot of fish, soy cheeses, and OMG fake bacon and fake sausage (thank you vegetarians), lots of wheat/sprouted wheat bread things, unsweetened almond milk...that sort of stuff. I've completely knocked all forms of soda out of my diet and am sticking to water, black coffee, and the almond milk.

And I'm keeping a food journal! It's very exciting. No, not really. But it's necessary. And I keep checking things with my mother. "I ate this - is it okay?" Which, thinking about it, I should probably ask before I eat something, but...she's usually sleeping when I try to talk to her during the day. So, yeah....

I'm taking my Calcium and Vitamin D supplements, and a multivitamin, so I should be good with All The Problems. I'll probably have to go back in about three months to see how I'm doing, and have to go to the Endocrinologist in the meantime. SO MANY DOCTORS VISITS. This is what happens when you have no health insurance and can't go for 5+ years, kids. *Scowls at government*

Now to start exercising. *Shifty eyes*
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