Sep. 2nd, 2011

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Sep. 2nd, 2011 09:40 pm
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Everyone is seeing GDL today! Well, saw. Verbs. Whatever. 

Instead, I saw the Warehouse 13 episode with him in it! This is not at all the same thing, but I already met him and he told me to get sleep and wrote "what the fuck" on my picture, so I will keep my jealous heart in check.

So. Warehouse 13, you guys. This show is absolutely ridiculous and I kind of love it to pieces. Because...they went to my state in an episode! And also they have Claudia! And H.G.! And Sylvia Plath's typewriter! And other awesome artifacts. I think I'm also so in love with it because my father used to be an antique dealer, and it reminds me of going to all the antique stores when I was a little girl, only slightly more dangerous and lots more magical.

And Jinks! I like him lots so far.

But I forgot that I started watching because of GDL, so when I finally got to that episode and he appeared, I kind of got really confused-excited for a second. Or, a scene. And, come on, 1893? In London? Working for a secret organization dealing in "weird artifacts?" My head is doing many crossover dances. Many. It's dizzy with them. does NOT have as many TW/W13 crossovers as it should.

Okay, almost time for MD. Not as excited, but it's almost over. And Doctor Who tomorrow after my 4-hour Driver's Retraining course (I hate you, DMV)! And a long weekend during which I can sleep forever!

Hope everyone is having The Best Time at Dragon*Con! ♥

(Side note: Is there any Kill Bill-style Torchwood fic? I would like to see Gwen going after Jack and the team+others. Seriously. It'd be hot. I'm just too damned lazy to write it.)


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